Vehicle & Animal Tracking

We provide tracking solution!

Animal Tracking

you can obtain a very accurate map of the travel paths and behaviour patterns of your animal from almost anywhere in the world!our pet tracking devices are capable of tracking the fine-scale movements of a variety of animals through many different habitats. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the our flexible scheduling option, your study can be customized to your particular research needs.
Track your pet 24/7 on your smartphone
Water-proof GPS tracker with 5000mAh battery built-in
Special Collars to hold the tracker for cows, horses and other large animals
Solar panels built-in to provide non-stop power for the tracker (optional)
GSM+GPS positioning with Google map tracking
Weather-Proof design

Vehicle Tracking

Worried about the safety of your vehicles? Galaxy Media is here to help you stay in control when it comes to the protection of both your personal cars and business fleet. Thanks to our GPS Tracking Solutions, your assets will be secured wherever you are and at all times. Here are some key benefits of vehicle tracking system:

24/7 Online track
SMS / Email alerts
Driver performance
Fleet performance
Maintenance alerts
History and reports
Time saving
Operational discipline
Better driver performance
Better customer service
Maintenance savings
Fuel savings

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