Local Network Setup

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Determing Your Network Needs

When setting up a LAN, need to know how many computers will be connecting to the network via Ethernet. This will determine the number of ports need.If we  want to allow devices to connect wirelessly, we will  need a router that can broadcast a wireless network. Most routers we will find at the store or online have wireless capabilities.

Setting Up a Basic LAN

To create a LAN,  need a router or switch, which will act as the hub of your network. These devices route information to the correct computers. don’t need to do much to set up a router for a basic LAN. Just plug it into a power source, preferably close to your modem if you plan on sharing the internet connection through it.

Benefits of Local Network Setup

It’s much easier and more efficient to manage the many computers that even a small company has from a single platform than it is to manage each of them individually. Most network devices, including routers, have built-in security features like firewalls, which make them a much safer way to get users online than a modem . Servers designed to support a network are usually optimized for better performance . we provide highly secured and fastest local network system

Operation of Local Networks

Managed local network Services is standardized, with international availability and  including automated delivery processes . Binding service levels governing quality down to port level and plus worldwide support . Per-port pricing in line with customer’s total number of ports . Managed services for networks with 200+ ports and WLAN . Customer self-administration and RADIUS authentication available for networks with 500+ ports . Managed LAN Services for networks with 3,000+ ports and DNS and DHCP network services

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