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Domain Registration

Galaxy media is an  accredited registrar  for generic Top Level domains and has more accreditations with country code domain registry operators than any other registrar in the world. Because Galaxy media has established direct relationships with domain registries the domain consultants at Galaxy media understand the unique requirements needed to register each extension. The Galaxy media Global Availability Search feature provides a simple and efficient process to register even the most complex domains. Safenames also offers Local Contact or Company Formation service for domain extensions that have unique registration requirements.

Domain Renewal

When managing a large portfolio of domain names, the ongoing administration of hundreds or thousands of names can often be complex. Since each domain registration must be renewed prior to its individual expiration date, it is easy to inadvertently overlook a renewal date. With the Safenames Auto-Renew feature, you can rest assured that you will not lose your domain name(s) as a result of an unanticipated expiration. This service gives you a safety net as well as the ability to manage your domain portfolio with greater ease.

Domain Transfers

Galaxy Media will transfer your domains into our patented domain management system; managing your domains with this easy-to-use system will save you time and provide features including advanced search functionality, tiered permission level access, bulk contact or DNS changes, domain auto-renewal setting, and complete DNS record support. The transfer team also works with you to ensure that the DNS settings of your domains are configured properly for the transfer so that there is no down-time while the names are being transferred. As part of the Galaxy Media transfer and consolidation process, a detailed project plan will be developed along with a timeline for completion. The project plan and timeline will be reviewed and agreed upon by all parties prior to the start of the consolidation.

Domain Acquisition

The growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in challenges for some businesses by creating an inability to register the domain name that they really want because it has already been registered by someone else.Galaxy media Domain Acquisition Service provides a secure, anonymous, and trusted solution to help customers purchase domains that are unavailable through the standard registration process but may be available on the secondary domain market. Whether you want a specific domain for a new brand, a product launch, or a marketing campaign

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