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Office Interior

Form and function both play a key role in creating a beautiful new space. Our trained interior designers will help you explore your options when it comes to furniture styles, fabrics, and finishes, working with your office’s existing color scheme or creating a new one. We offer a wide range of options across all styles and price points; our experienced associates can help you find the perfect products to create a stylish and functional new space.

Project Management

From the initial concept to the final installation, we work with you to complete every step of the process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means individual attention and superior customer service from start to finish. By handling all the phases of your project, we can save you valuable time and money, and greatly improve both the process and the result.


Reconfiguration is a popular and more affordable alternative to a complete remodel. By utilizing some or all of your existing furniture, we can create a space that looks-and functions-like new. We will visit your space to take measurements, create a detailed inventory of your existing furniture and parts, then work with you to create a new plan that makes the best use of your space-whether it’s your existing location or a new office.

Interior Design Demo

3D renderings for stores and products & Ready store concepts s to choose from.Product customizations with Short manufacturing lead time.We provide detailed floor plans & elevations in 3D for clients to visualize their actual stores.Live Home 3D automatically creates 3D visualisation once you’ve drawn a floor plan. The latter can be built from scratch or traced from an imported image using the smart tools the app offers

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