Cloud Storage

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Cloud Storage

Storage as a Service is generally seen as a good alternative for a small or mid-sized business that lacks the capital budget and/or technical personnel to implement and maintain their own storage infrastructure. SaaS is also being promoted as a way for all businesses to mitigate risks in disaster recovery, provide long-term retention for records and enhance both business continuity and availability. our cloud storage could specify what data on the network should be backed up and how often it should be backed up.

Cloud Database

Galaxy media has a powerful cloud platform and is able to provide cloud services to more users at a time. We use the most advanced and latest cloud service hardware platforms so that the database services will be efficient and accurate. Our clients feel relaxed and relieved by giving their massive database handling and storage to us. We have service in such a way that we can assist and support you at any cases of emergencies of database related issues.

Cloud Telephony

The cloud telephony is yet another service sector we have proved our name and have enough fame. We implement Cloud technology to equip your brand with the right communication means. This ensures that your Cloud Contact Center never turns outdated or idle. We understands the dynamics of your customer relationships and what it takes to keep them engaged. Right from lead generation to retention, you need solutions that revolve around your customers’ satisfaction. We provide Hosted Call Center Solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

Cloud Hosting

With top-of-the line cloud hosting infrastructure, leveraging high end processors, high performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud hosting services give you the performance your site is looking for.Monitor resource utilization on your cloud hosting plan and allocate additional CPU/RAM on demand! Simply click the upgrade button on the control panel for more server resources to be provisioned for your site. No intrusive downtime or platform migration is required and there will be no surprise usage fees on your next hosting bill, you are in complete control!

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